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Cragls is available on Steam for free, visit the Store Page.


Online Multiplayer

Cragls is an online multiplayer car racing game for 2-8 players.

Find opponents and connect to your friends through the integrated matchmaking mechanism by Steam. For LAN and Online (same Steam download region).


The match takes place in a square-shaped arena full of dazzling lights and handy gadgets. Be careful not to touch the walls as your car will explode!

Each round lasts five minutes. The player with the highest score wins.

The Car

You are driving a top-notch sports car that comes in ten different colors. This mechanical lightning bolt has remarkable acceleration and a small curve radius. Your car features a Gate Pointer that helps you find the next Score Gate.

Use WASD to accelerate, brake and steer; use the SPACEBAR to fire Blasters.

Score Gate

If you manage to reach a blue Score Gate, you will be awarded one point. But be aware, there is always only one Score Gate and all your opponents will try to reach the gate first! The orange Gate Pointer above your car helps you find the Score Gate faster.

Blaster Gate

With each red Blaster Gate you can collect one Blaster. At any time, you can hit the SPACEBAR to fire a blaster onto your enemies. These powerful plasma balls disable your enemy's engine and cost them one point.


Once collected from a Blaster Gate, you can fire these highly energetic plasma balls onto your enemies. This powerful weapon will disable your enemy's engine and cost them one point.

If you collect three Blasters, they will automatically convert into one Homing Blaster: a Blaster that locks in on your enemies and follows them.

Shock Gate

Avoid these yellow traps! If you run into a Shock Gate, a strong electrical current will paralyze your car! You will also lose one point.

Shocked Car

Don't worry, this is temporary! After a few seconds, your engine comes back and you can give full throttle again! You will remain invincible for a few seconds so you can reach speed again.

Booster Gate

The Booster Gate gives you additional acceleration and an increased top speed for a short time. Check the speedometer to see how long your booster lasts.


This powerful energy field dodges Blasters and absorbs Shock Gates so that you can keep zooming across the arena! Drive through the purple Shield Gates to activate the shield. Refer to the speedometer to check how long your shield lasts.

Shield Gate

Always get hit by your enemy's blasters? Always run into Shock Portals? The purple Shield Gates got your back! An energy field will spawn around your car and dodge blasters and Shock Gates.

Dodges Blasters

The Shield can dodge an unlimited amount of Blasters. But be aware, the Shield only lasts for a few seconds!